Attending Retailers

99 Cents Only Stores

  • Kevin Dickens, Director of Grocery
  • Caitlin Tierney, Sr. Director of Fresh
  • Edgar Flores, 99 Cents Only Store – Mgr., Compliance

Albertsons VONS Pavilions

  • Cher Cech, Grocery Sales Manager, Pavilions
  • Miriam Welch, Grocery Sales Manager
  • Ron Foss, Division Asset Protection Manager

Bodega Latina Corp. dba El Super & Fiesta Mart

  • Trina Guoz, Buyer
  • Gladis Najera, Grocery Buyer
  • Pedro Perez, Deli & Dairy Buyer
  • Adriana Reyes, Frozen & GM Buyer
  • Cesar Anaya, VP, Marketing & Non-Perishables Purchasings

Bristol Farms

  • Pat Posey, VP, Non-Perishables, Procurement & Merchandising
  • Roger Arechiga, Director Dairy/Frozen
  • Mike McMahon, Director Grocery
  • Don Bandow, Senior Director Non Perishables
  • Steve Howard, VP, Perishable, Procurement, & Merchandising
  • Lynn Melillo, VP, Asset Management
  • Mike Buhagiar, Director Loss Prevention
  • Martin Deveau, Safety- Project Manager
  • Susie Langer, Senior Director- Asset Management
  • Gina Danjoelle, Quality Assurance Coordinator

C&K Market, Inc

  • Chad Lindstrom, Dir., Loss Prevention

Costco Wholesale

  • Nadia Principe, Freezer Buyer (LA)
  • KD Misleh, Freezer Buyer (SD)
  • Missi Seese Figueroa, Candy Buyer (LA)
  • Sandy Atilano-Andrade, Candy Buyer (SD)
  • Stephanie Winberg , Candy Buyer (SD)
  • Bryan Kelley , Deli Buyer (SD)
  • Lori Nelson , Deli Buyer (BA)
  • Jennifer Ortega, Sundries Buyer (BA)
  • Tina Rangel , Cooler Buyer (BA)
  • Pam Brandt, Grocery Buyer (LA)
  • Faustine Malcampo , Grocery Buyer (BA)
  • Lance Ladwig, Grocery Buyer (BA)
  • Jerry Gittleman, Grocery Buyer (SD)
  • Mark Kalkbrenner, Liquor Buyer (BA)
  • Janine Whitman , Deli Buyer (LA)

Fastrip Food Stores

  • Rich Abel, Dir., Stores

Food 4 Less/Foods Co.

  • Nancy Lebold, VP of Merchandising
  • Mike Callihan, Grocery Merchandiser
  • Kevin Hobbs, Mgr., Asset Protection

Food 4 Less/Rancho San Miguel Markets

  • Carlos Carrasco, Grocery Buyer
  • Marty Colridge, Sr. Dir. Center Store
  • Jimmy Massuda, Specialty/HBC Buyer
  • Chris Podesto, Sr. VP/GM
  • Scott Powell, Dir., Loss Prevention
  • Tim Oliveri, Director of Meat
  • Brian Schmitz, Director of Purchasing

Foods Etc.

  • Dennis Darling, Owner
  • Andrew Pierson, COO
  • Lamont Kucer, Store Manager
  • David Santana, Mgr., Grocery

Gelson’s Markets

  • Rob McDougall, President/CEO
  • Hee-Sook Nelson, VP, Team Development & Public Affairs
  • Robert Delgado, Sr. Dir., Center Store Category Management
  • Tim Mahoney, Exec. Dir., Operations
  • Ismael Moreno, Dir., Loss Prevention
  • Jacquie Slobom, Sr. Dir., Store Operations
  • Sam Vasquez, Category Manager – Non-Foods
  • Nikita Sokolovskiy, Category Manager – Grocery
  • Paul Kneeland, VP of Fresh Foods
  • David Vana, Category Manager – Grocery
  • Rich Gillmore, Sr. Dir., Center Store Category Management
  • Vannessa Collins, Category Manager – Grocery
  • Ray Brych, Category Manager-Beer, Wine, Spirits
  • Dora Zavala, Category Manager – Grocery
  • Kyle Hetman, Category Manager – Grocery
  • John Bagan, CMO
  • Donna Tyndall, SVP, Operations
  • John Savidan, Sr. Dir, Produce/Floral
  • Mark Morton, Sr. Dir, Fresh Foods/Bakery
  • Sean Saenz, Sr. Dir, Meat/Seafood
  • Ben Shearer, Sr. Dir, Constr/Maint/Design
  • Alex Perez, Area Loss Prevention Specialist
  • Danny Macasaet, Area Loss Prevention Specialist

Grocery Outlet

  • Paul Miller, VP, Grocery
  • Weldon Weatherly, VP, Deli, Frozen & Fresh Meat
  • Jon Stewart, Sr. VP, Purchasing
  • Suzie Blair, Sr. Buyer, Grocery
  • Vivian Son, Sr. Buyer, Grocery
  • Kara Miller, Buyer, Grocery
  • Allison Quantz, Associate Buyer, Grocery
  • Seeta Nangia, Associate Buyer, Grocery
  • Flo McIntyre, Sr. Buyer, Grocery
  • Farrah Sani, Buyer, Grocery
  • Marie Magbaleta-Sao, Buyer, Deli
  • Lori Kunkle, Buyer, Deli
  • Mikayla Phillips, Associate Buyer, Deli
  • Angelique Munoz, Buyer, Deli
  • Matt Kirkland, Buyer, Frozen
  • Mike Kirby, Sr. Buyer, Frozen & Deli
  • Dario Vargas, Associate Buyer
  • Kirk Campbell, Buyer
  • Sokhom Sar, Buyer

Mar-Val Food Stores

  • Tyler Kidd, Owner/Manager
  • Casey Rodacker, Owner/Supervisor

Mollie Stone’s Markets

  • Elliott Stone, General Manager
  • Laz Soares, Dairy/Frozen/Grocery Buyer
  • Tamira Franz, Candy, Ethnic, General Merchandise, HBC Buyer

North State Grocery, Inc. dba Holiday Market and SAV MOR Foods

  • Mike Bible, VP, Dry Grocery & Marketing
  • John Blackburn, Dir, Meat
  • Eric Schmidt, Dir., Loss Prevention
  • Richard E. Morgan, Jr., President
  • Paul Buzzell, Dir., Grocery
  • Patty Zimmerman, Dir., Liquor/General Merchandise

Northgate Gonzalez Markets

  • Oscar Gonzalez, Co-President
  • Sergio Gonzalez, Mgr., Customer Experience
  • Mike Hendry, Exec VP, Merchandising & Marketing
  • Mike Bowers , Director – Asset Protection
  • Ingrid Argelagos, Asset Protection
  • Jhosimar Rivera, Mgr., Customer Marketing
  • Robert Esparza, Asset Protection
  • Jose Limon, Asset Protectin
  • Irma Salcido, Asset Protection
  • Tom Finn, VP, Center Store
  • Alex Cabrera, Category Director – Grocery/Liquor/Beverage/Bakery
  • Alexandra Bolanos, Category Mgr – Baking/Rice/Plates/Cups
  • Jim Wakefield, Category Director – Groc Veg/Juices/Deli/Dairy
  • Lupita Tolento, Category Director – Ethnic Foods/Frozen/Candy
  • Sandra Covarrubias, Category Director – Beer/Snacks/HBC
  • Gregorio Torres, Category Manager – Grocery Taxable/Gen Mdse
  • Lupillo Ramirez, Sr. Dir., Innovation & Product Development

Nugget Markets

  • Janette Ferrara, Safety & Compliance
  • Kevin Masuhara, Sr. Loss Prevention Agent
  • Jeff Medina, Sr. Loss Prevention Agent
  • Dale Smith, Sr. Loss Prevention Agent
  • Brandon Stinnet, Dir., Loss Prevention
  • Ned Wanland, Asst. Dir., Loss Prevention

Numero Uno Market

  • Doug Minor, President/CEO

Nutricion Fundamental

  • Jon Giannini, General Manager
  • Mike Amiri, CEO
  • Roxanne Carroll, District Manager

R-N Market

  • Violet Gong, Controller/HR


  • Kevin Konkel, Chief Operations Officer
  • Paul Gianetto, SVP Sales & Merchandising
  • Suzi Bryan, Dir. Grocery/Dairy/Frozen
  • Jessica Blakely, Dir. Pricing & Merchandising
  • Matt Hilbrink, Dir. Asset Protection
  • Anthony Dyer, Sr. Manager Wine, Beer & Spirits
  • Chris Pecot, Dir. GM/HBC & Non-Edibles
  • Ken Mueller, Chief Financial Officer
  • Michael Schutt , Dir. Produce & Floral
  • Todd Allen, Dir. Meat & Seafood
  • Krissy Garris, Dir. Deli & Bakery
  • Levi Wingo, Exec. Dir., Store Operations

Ralphs Grocery Company

  • Tom Schwilke, President
  • Kendra Doyel, VP, Merchandising
  • John Piersma, Gen. Mgr. Drug Merchandiser
  • Brett Hansen, Produce/Floral Merchandiser
  • Ken Boatner, Grocery/Liquor/Natural Foods Merchandiser
  • Brian Balladares, Produce/Floral Merchandiser
  • Brian Gray, Asset Protection Mgr.
  • Reshamar Short, Dir., Human Resources

Rio Ranch Markets

  • Jay McCormack, Sr. Vice President

Safeway Northern California Division

  • Cliff Rigsbee, SVP Marketing/Merchandising
  • Nicole Wilson, Sales Manager Grocery
  • Joe Cuneo, Assistant Sales Manager Grocery – Refigerated, Dairy
  • Matt Kurtz, Assistant Sales Manager Grocery – Salty, Hispanic, Rice & Dinner Prepared
  • Robert Smith, Assistnat Sales Manager Grocery – Beverages
  • Elsie Wolfe, Sales Manager – Liquor
  • Jacob Powers, Sales Manager – Bakery
  • Cheryl Whinihan, Sales Manager – Deli Food Services
  • Susan Bell, Assistant Sales Manager – Deli Food Services
  • Kevin Cooper, Assistant Sales Manager – Deli Food Services
  • Mariko Lee, Sales Manager – NOSHE / Andronicos
  • Kristen Frantz, Sales Manager – General Merchandise
  • Eugene Lai, Assistant Sales Manager
  • Kelly Mullin, Sr. VP, Marketing & Merchandising

Smart & Final Stores

  • Bill Seal, Sr. Category Director
  • Daniel Cadena, Category Manager
  • Jim Rosler, Sr. Category Manager
  • Jerry Miyamoto, Category Manager
  • Jeannie Hegemier, Sr. Category Manager
  • Doug Threadgill, Sr. Category Manager
  • Kent Kuwata, Category Manager
  • Tim Humble, Regional Loss Prevention Manager

Sprouts Farmers Market

  • Luis Torres, Dir., Business Protection & Safety Department
  • Jim Wallace, Sr. VP, Operations – West
  • Dennis Clyde, Regional Director
  • Stan Swinton, Director of Bulk/Frozen
  • Scott Romano, Director of Beer/Wine and Dairy
  • John Soukup, Director of Grocery
  • Diana Lucas, VP of Vitamins/Body Care
  • Robby Cruz, VP Produce
  • Kim Coffin, Sr. VP, Core Grocery

Stater Bros. Markets

  • Greg McNiff, President
  • Richard Aaron, Security Specialist
  • Mark Avalos, District Manager, Retail Operations
  • Tammy Ciraulo, Senior Director of Administration
  • David Higginbotham, Regional VP, Retail
  • James Urrea, Dir., Corporate Security & Safety
  • Todd Fernandez, Dir., Loss Prevention

Super A Foods

  • Jim Amen, President/Chief Operations Officer
  • Renee Amen, Controller
  • Jeanne Amen Miller, Candy/Snacks/Sundries Buyer
  • Terry Greene, Meat Buyer
  • Joud Tedmori, Produce Buyer
  • Pat Paxton, IT

Super King Markets

  • Arin Avanessian, Corporate Controller
  • Sam Barrow, Dir, HR
  • Harry Cherkesyan, Sr. Buyer, Center Store
  • Jake Fermanian, Vice President
  • Rene Mejia, Grocery Buyer
  • Damian Valdez, Perishable Buyer
  • Andre Mesropian, Dir., Dairy, Deli & Frozen

Superior Grocers

  • Chris Denney, Director of Grocery
  • Darian Griffin, VP, Loss Prevention
  • Carlos Guerra, Dir., Dairy & Deli
  • Dale Nakata, VP, Marketing
  • Sally Hernandez, Sr. Director of Grocery
  • Richard Wardwell, President
  • Enrique Montes, VP, HR
  • Martin Reynoso, Category Buyer

Susanville Supermarket IGA

  • Rick Stewart, Owner/President
  • Todd Eid, Store Director
  • Jessica Miller, Asst. Store Director
  • Anna Stewart, VP, Marketing

The Save Mart Companies

  • Dave Herbers, VP, Non-Food & Alcohol
  • Zeb Early, VP, Dry Grocery
  • Ben Ueda, VP, Frozen/Dairy
  • Trey Johnson, EVP Merchandising Supply Chain
  • Hal Levitt, SVP Retail Operations

United Markets

  • Kelly Smith, Grocery/Liquor/Beer/Wine Buyer
  • Michael Lovi, Bakery/Deli Buyer
  • Darren LaBrucherie, Specialty Category Manager

Vallarta Markets

  • John Sellers, SVP of Merchandising and Marketing
  • Mark Montelongo, VP Meat, Seafood, and Prepared Foods
  • Andrew Lewis, VP of Marketing
  • Bruce Pack, Director of Grocery Procurement
  • Tina Notis, Director of GM/HBW Procurement
  • Jesus Torres, Director Of Latin Product and Liquor Procurement
  • Michael Sin, Director of Deli| Dairy| Beer
  • Michael Woolery, Director of Supplies and Services Procurement
  • Jesus Ramirez Director Meat, Seafood and Cremeria
  • Rick Alejo, Director La Cocina Merchandising and Hispanic Product
  • Adrian Rico, Director of Bakery & Tortilleria Procurement

Whole Foods Market

  • Kevin Kemp, Produce
  • David Swinson, Prepared Foods
  • Monika Coyle, Grocery
  • Lisa Tosun, Grocery