About the Illuminators

The Illuminators is an organization of vendors and suppliers dedicated to developing and enhancing key relationships within the grocery industry, providing opportunities for education and leadership, and supporting the Illuminators Educational Foundation.

In September 1928, just prior to the annual convention of the California Retail Grocers and Merchants Association, a group of allied tradesmen gathered to consider a plan for improving methods of entertaining at grocery meetings. This plan met with unanimous approval, and during that same month The Illuminators came into being.

From the start, the roster of membership has been a “Who’s Who” of the leaders in the food industry. There were 51 members the first year, who pioneered the infancy of the organization. One of the principal responsibilities has been to provide fun and relaxation at the annual gathering of grocers.


Subriana Pierce, Navigator Sales & Marketing


Lori Brown


Thomas Huls


Marla McIntosh, Post Consumer Brands


Joe Perez, Waste Stream Solutions
Greg Siegel, Idahoan Foods
Juan Trillas, Bimbo Bakeries USA


Mark Olejnik, Domino Foods

Many thanks to The Illuminators for their continued, generous support of the CGA Strategic Conference and for providing the outstanding meal functions and enhancing the conference social events.

Join us and help “Spread the Lite of Good Fellowship” within the retail food industry. Visit Illuminators.org to learn more about becoming an Illuminator member.