Meetings Make The Difference 

The virtual CGA Strategic Conference will offer the very best in virtual meeting experiences. Tightly-focused educational bursts, truncated educational sessions, opportunities to collaborate and contribute to discussions on emerging trends and an efficient, and a completely customized schedule of private team-to-team meetings. All held on a secure proprietary meeting platform offering best-in-class technology that is reliable and easy to use.

Whether you represent a new product or an established national supplier, we encourage you to use this opportunity to connect with California retail decision-makers and develop fresh strategies and new business leads.

As a conference sponsor, you will have access to CGA’s proprietary, custom meeting scheduling process and receive private, pre-arranged meetings with participating retailers.  In a carefully choreographed schedule that maximizes your time on-line, CGA’s “concierge level” meeting services creates and coordinates pre-scheduled business meetings to provide you with a productive and efficient way to build your connections.

To maintain its effectiveness for all conference participants, sponsorship opportunities are limited. Contact CGA soon to reserve your place.

How the Meeting Scheduling Works

Our goal is to be the single most productive event you participate in all year.  As a conference sponsor, you will receive a personalized, pre-arranged, and retailer-approved business meeting schedule prior to our virtual conference.  The quantity and duration of these meetings is determined by sponsor level and date the sponsorship is paid. Here is an overview of how the process works:

  • CGA provides all sponsors with a complete list of participating retailers.
  • Sponsors indicate which retailers, in order of preference, they want to meet.
  • CGA creates individual meeting schedules based on the sponsor’s priority status and retailer availability.
  • Final schedules are provided to sponsors after CGA confirms the meetings with retailers.
  • Custom meeting schedules and virtual meeting links will be uploaded onto the conference platform and accessed via individual log-in.
  • To ensure that these meetings are productive for all involved, certain guidelines apply.

Meeting Technology: Simple and Secure

The CGA Strategic Conference’s online meeting platform will offer you and your team a user-friendly, trustworthy, intuitive, and highly personalized virtual experience. This exclusive system has been custom-built with the modern meeting features you require, such as audio, video, screen sharing, and chat functionality while being supported by real-time tech support and online training.

The Strategic Conference virtual meeting website will be protected through multiple layers of security and authentication. The platform will be safeguarded with AES-256 encryption, and every registrant will be authenticated via a password-protected login. Only registered participants will have access to the meeting site, and only staff associated with the individual companies will be allowed entry to their private meetings on their schedules. Meeting URL’s cannot be forwarded.