Enterprise Risk Protection Executive Summit

Our loss prevention, safety, and risk management professionals will take part in a tailored program designed to provide expert insights and guidance. Discover the latest trends and strategies in emerging areas such as shrink & fraud, technology & cybercrime, and employee safety best practices. 

Monday, September 25, 2023
10:30 am – 5 pm

The California Grocers Association is proud to host an all-day summit exclusively for Enterprise Risk Protection executives at our upcoming CGA Strategic Conference in Palm Springs. As the changing world of retail shifts grocers’ priorities, the enterprise risk protection universe is also rapidly expanding – especially in California. Join your industry peers for an interactive deep dive into the most pressing issues and cutting-edge solutions to protect your company. Learn more about our featured presenters below.

Prosecution of Crime – The Critical Step

Jason Anderson, District Attorney, San Bernardino County
Prosecution is an integral part of the legal process, but it is not always treated as such by state lawmakers in cases of retail crime. DA Jason Anderson and his team will discuss the challenges of retail theft from the prosecutor’s view. He will share how grocers can build stronger relationships with district attorneys and law enforcement to push back against retail theft plaguing our stores.

CHP Statewide Organized Retail Crime Task Force

Captain Charles Leonard, Investigative Unit, California Highway Patrol

CHP Investigative Unit Captain Charles Leonard will join CGA for a thorough briefing and collaborative discussion between grocers and the CHP Organized Retail Crime Task Force. The mission of the task force is to coalesce resources from multiple agencies to take a hard, all-encompassing stance against Organized Retail Crime.

Technology in Asset Protection – The Why and How

Dara Riordan, President & Chief Operating Officer, FaceFirst
While there has been a drastic uptick in retail theft in California, new technology solutions to combat crime are rapidly expanding. Dara Riordan, FaceFirst President/COO, will share why grocers should consider adopting new technologies along with best practices for deploying these solutions. We will also discuss consumer responses, legal considerations, regulatory hurdles and, most importantly, your bottom line as grocers consider adding new technologies to their arsenal.

California in Crisis – Legislative Help and Hurdles

Louie Brown, Partner, Kahn Soares & Conway, LLC

The challenges in enterprise risk protection have grown exponentially over the past years. In many cases due to the direct action, and inaction, of the California Legislature. But as the challenges have grown so has public and media scrutiny. The question becomes how will the legislature respond to the unwanted attention and how will it impact your operations. Grocery industry lobbyist Louie Brown will pull the curtain back on the future of workplace violence, criminal penalties, private right of action and other key issues.