Enterprise Risk Protection Executive Summit

Loss prevention, safety, and risk management professionals attending the CGA Strategic Conference gather for a customized educational track featuring a schedule of presentations on emerging issues such as shrink & fraud, technology & cybercrime, and employee safety best practices.

Sponsored by RMS, Inc.

Monday, September 26, 2022

10:30 am – 5 pm

Whether it’s small-scale theft or widespread disaster, threats to sustainable grocery operations have become increasingly intense and frequent. Navigating this new reality requires a roadmap that offers both a wide view and deep dive into these increasingly prevalent threats as grocers prioritize protective strategies.

The CGA Strategic Conference offers specific programming and sharing opportunities for grocery team members charged with keeping stores and operations protected. The 2022 summit focus will include discussions on retail theft, general liability, cybersecurity, disaster response, in addition to opportunities to share industry best practices.

This year’s Executive Summit will take place over a single day, September 26, and will allow participants to continue to take advantage of all the Strategic Conference educational, business, and networking opportunities.

The Agenda

Retail Theft – Law Enforcement Perspective  

Retail theft continues to be the dominant threat to grocery. In order to push back, partnerships with law enforcement are critical. In order to move forward, grocers must understand the challenges of municipal police, who are our vital allies.

City of Redlands Police Chief Chris Catren, who is also Board Chair for the California Police Chiefs Association, will share his and his fellow Chiefs’ experiences, discuss the of future of theft response, and look down the road towards on-the-ground and legislative solutions.

General Liability – A Good Defense… 

Grocers are being targeted in lawsuits, coupled with a push for increased settlements. General Liability lawsuits have reached a new high, requiring updated responses and tactics.

Retail General Liability legal expert Greg Stone, who represents several grocery companies, will break down the general liability landscape and share trends and updated responses to protect your company.

Cybersecurity – The Invisible Threat

As technology and automation increase their role in the grocery space, they bring new threats. Threats to your technology come from the world around you, and they range from mere annoyances to critical operational challenges.

This discussion will help you understand new threats and trends in cyber-attacks and ways to think differently about protecting your assets. More speaker details to come.

Disaster Response – Just A Matter of Time

Fire, flood, power loss, earthquakes, and civil unrest are just a few of the now regularly occurring disasters in California. It’s not enough to have your own plan in these scenarios; you must also know who will be there to help. Understanding the layers of government response, and where to find the most actionable information and support during these chaotic times, could mean the difference between resiliency and collapse.

Top disaster response official Abby Browning from CalOES will discuss the mindset of California’s top responders and how partnerships with grocery will make California more resilient.

Industry Peer Sharing

A unique aspect of the Enterprise Risk Protection Executive Summit is the opportunity for peer-to-peer sharing on the largest risk and asset protection issues in grocery.

As an industry we all experience the same influences and impacts regardless of size and location. Through peer sharing you will gain insight into major challenges and be able to help the industry as a whole.

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