Meghan Phillips

As a grocer’s daughter, Meghan Phillips pioneers a distinctive approach to brand strategy—bringing food and beverage marketing and design under one undivided roof at Honey. Meghan leds a talented team in Sacramento, that works with brands to think about bold, comprehensive, collaborative strategies that elevates the consumer and retailer relationship. 

Inspired by her 20-plus years in the food and wine industry, Meghan is a talented storyteller and passionate advocate for community, food policy, and young entrepreneurs. Her spirited stance on the power of creative has been sought out by various national food and ag committees, economic development boards and sparks discussion from coast to coast. She recently spoke at SXSW on the power of the Passion Economy in food, beverage, and agriculture. 

Amplify Your Marketing Through Brand Partnerships 

Grocers can harness the power of brand partnerships to amplify marketing efforts and drive business growth. In an increasingly competitive market, strategic collaborations with complementary brands can provide a valuable edge, helping retailers reach new customers, enhance brand loyalty, and boost sales. 

Meghan Phillips, CEO and Founder of Honey, a marketing and design firm rooted in food, beverage, and agriculture, will lead a session supported by data, examples, and tactics to highlight the opportunities when brand partnerships are considered in your marketing strategies.                    

Buyers and retailers will be inspired to take action to partner with brands to maximize consumer reach, create awareness, and align values with brands.